Marco Noto

Groove Management

Give the Drummer Some!

I was listening to an episode of The Drummer's Resource Podcast the other day--great podcast in case you don't already listen, Nick Ruffini is doing outstanding work! The episode was an interview with Homer Steinweiss, and the issue of drummers getting writing credits came up. He made some excellent points about how some of the most recognizable music contains unique drum parts--think early James Brown. Got me to thinking about how there seems to be a bias towards the value of creating chord structure and melody in our culture. You could say "but that's just a drum beat, heard it before..." but I'll come back and remind you that a great number of songs are based on the same chordal pattern and there are only so many melodies to be had. It's time to stop thinking that the creation of drum parts is not songwriting--as JB said (but apparently failed to do with songwriting credits for Jabo and Clyde), "Give the drummer some!"

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