Marco Noto

Groove Management



From my earliest exposure to Motown while living in the Detroit area in the 1960s, I've had a serious love affair with music. Largely self-taught, I played in the Philadelphia area in my teens, marched in a few drum corps and played in large ensembles and musicals. I left home to attend the University of Tampa and participated in their jazz band, doing some side work with my classmate John Pizzarelli. After college I returned to the Philadelphia area to work in club bands, eventually deciding to "get a real job" and spending time in Germany serving in the Army. More college, family life and other demands limited my opportunities to play, but I still managed to keep my hand in things, playing in local bands and doing some regional touring with a Greek band--gotta love that 12/8! I'm currently performing with Zendetta, and the Casual Zealots.